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Here’s the place where I can separate the farm from the web work.

Berry Digital is the domain I use when I wear the digital hat, and separates it from the other days of Bimbimbi Farm – where I wear the boots, physically speaking – the farm is hubby’s domain and I am but a helpful bystander offering lots of advice from rose tinted glasses and the ability to search. I am but a YouTube farmer…. 🙂

Sometimes it’s like a different persona but the farm (organic berry farm) is something that is very grounding and makes me appreciate the world we live in so much more.

Just because the website is somewhat naked of depth of content and sales BS, don’t think that it makes me less passionate about what I do, nor does it make me less knowledgeable about tech, but honestly when you have a portfolio of work that starts in the 90’s it’s too big to put online and sometimes just not relevant.

I have done thousands of website projects covering software development, website building, email marketing, online marketing, tutorials, education, webinars, talks and presentations – so much in over 26 years of tech space…..

Although I’m a farmer, I have continue my ongoing journey with tech because it’s something I am comfortable with.